Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Powerful Construction Management Software Solutions for Contractors

In this technology driven age It is near to impossible to find any industry that remain untouched by the technological advancement and the construction industry is no exception. Construction industry experienced a revolutionary change with the involvement of technology. Now the Construction project managers and contractors have a number of software to simplify their working. Construction Management software offers the logistic and administrative support to create a smooth running effective process with which we can increase productivity, improve communication and reduce the time and overall cost.


The web based construction management software are flexible and diverse in nature to be an ideal option for both commercial and residential projects. With this software contractor and project manager no longer burdened with the task to handle exorbitant amounts of paperwork in order to keep their eyes and track the project progress and working activities.In this advanced technology, era has created a new project management model with which it is easy to reduce the time and cost that costs on managing a construction project.

Today’s construction project management software deliver the features that make them an ideal choice for every construction project manager or contractor. The software allows you to handle all the related data and process with your fingertips.

For on-time and under budget profitable jobs a construction management software become a necessity of construction business to facilitate complex activities of the construction project that not only streamline your working process but also give some unimaginable profit driven features like easy to use communication platform, bird eye view of the construction site, accounts and inventory handling segments that result in the improvement of productivity and reduction in cost and time.

Gameplancloud, is one of the best Cloud Based Construction Management Software which not only have all defined features, but also have best user friendly platform, i.e. easy to use, cloud-based system allow you to use date anywhere around the globe, reflects the real-time construction workflow, streamline processes and eliminate redundancy of data or process.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Construction Project Management software: A Smart management Solution

In today’s era every industry witnessing big Competition around the globe that added a reason business owner approach turns to keep pace with technological advancements they are equipping themselves and infrastructure with top level strength to match up themselves with the market trend.

The competition not only limited to new entrants but industry giant also facing huge competition, big challenge to retain themselves in the industry. This is the reason why business owners rapidly adopting Construction management software solution in their businesses to increase accuracy to their projects.

Construction Project Management software


Construction management software comprises many betterment for construction business help in a number of ways with the software the manager easily streamline all business project activities also keep up to date records of transactions as well as material availability. Undoubtedly, with the help of user friendly and result oriented platform, a  construction business can get a transparent, strong and safe working environment.

A Cloud based construction management software provide a brilliant analytical  platform which helps you in taking critical decision in order to take changes in the business process, with this you can generate instant reports that help in instance decision making at times of urgency.

There is no other views in the software solution can effortlessly streamline the ongoing Construction business activities. These Construction project management software solutions are enough to create brand image of the company with maximizing the business profit and keep pace with the industry’s standards.

Gameplancloud, a cloud based construction management software have all features and specifications that a software should have in that with the simplest user friendly platform that can be easily operated on handy devices on a digital platform.

Friday, 20 November 2015

5 Things A Construction Management Software Simplified

Web based construction management software can help a construction project manager to simplify construction management activities in many ways. That can help you to increase productivity and decrease the cost and time that incurred on project here following are the important 5 things that a project manager should look forward in the to manage a site give satisfactory services to their customers and how a construction management software Can help them in to improve the quality of their work

Explore a variety of perspectives

Usually, we think “we see what we see” but it's not true “ We see What we think”. As a Construction project manager built a habit to explore things before execute. For that, a digital platform a construction project management software can give you a better look to explore and allow you to create something unique.


Stay connected with your clients
Client’s views involve over the life of a project, take it as an advantage, stay in conversation with your client with the best user-friendly platform a construction management software offers along with management activities it provides a communication tool with which you can easily stay in communication with clients

Take care of your project team
The project team is very important for a construction company as they are the one who create what you imagine for. You have to be updated about their need and requirements it can be the great deal for a construction manager to take care of every individual and understand their needs and for that a construction management software can you in the best way it provides a best communication platform with which you can stay in contact with every individual.

Have a keen eye on the overall project
Construction of every small or big sight need to properly taking care of every small thing in overall project for that you have to put eyeball in all each and everything it is not possible for a single person to go through in that case a Construction project management software can help you in the best way as you can inspect everything on your tab or mobile’s screen.

Proper Inventory cost and availability management
Inventory management comes first in the process of construction project management as it can be the reason for project completion delay and increase the cost of a project the software manage it well as we can account the availability of all inventory take proper action at a time of urgency.

Gameplancloud, construction management software brings the best results that help a construction manager to improve their work quality and simplify the management activities to increase the productivity.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Web based construction management software modernized Construction industries

With the advancement in technologies, more people incline towards construction business and consider it as a Successful business idea nowadays. With the changing era world turning from 2 BHK to high rises, Vast highways, huge flyovers, multi story buildings.People star liking good, comfortable and also designer infrastructure with all facilities.

To build a multi story designer building requires so much dedication and detailed planning for resources, well structured and full proof layout, dividing and allocating the work into big and small modules, supervision of all modules to calculate the work progress, estimating costs, budgeting, scheduling, communication with various departments, putting deadlines and a lot more need to design a beyond imaginative construction project.


From the beginning of any construction project till completion lots of planning and control needed for this it requires lots of time, money, resources and many more things to reduce all this technology gifted Web based Construction management software which completely reduced the time, cost, manpower etc. that incurred on a Construction Project.

These days all Construction industries completely depend upon the Construction Management Software. Which is a construction project management tool for professionals that help to increase efficiency and Productivity of Businesses. This software delivers transparency in the work and provides the best way for inter-department communication and Documentation. Professionals can access this kind of software from any small or big devices connected to internet services.

Rules of Construction Management Software

• Planning
• Scheduling
• Resource allocation
• Communication
• Documentation

With all above processes, a construction management software can make it easy to handle a Construction project by individuals and deliver a flourished output timely.

Now, the next thing that comes in mind is which Construction management software is best amongst a number of choices. Gameplan eliminates all your confusion, it delivers a cloud where you can store and run all information on the cloud. The game plan is a cloud based construction management software which not only perform all these roles, but also deliver addition user-friendly platform which is very easy to use. Gameplancloud offers 30 days free trial for Construction management software.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Construction Management Software for your Business

A Construction Management Software has ultimate uncountable benefits for your Construction business to increase the productivity and Decrease time and cost that bear on resources and work team.

We can understand its benefits with an example- Mr John a Construction Manager in a renowned construction company arranged a meeting with subcontractor he informed everyone manually by calling or with some other resources.

But just before half an hour John received a call from Subcontractor that he has been delayed because of some issues with another client and he would not be able to get to your project till next two days. Then you have to rewrite the whole schedule by hand and call individually to inform about the changes in schedule.


Another Example- One of the members of working team lost an important and costly tool or it had been stolen and at that time you didn’t find the estimated budget of particular area of Constructions site like a room then you have to recreate whole budget manually.

You find yourself stuck in between the burden of number of files, paper, slips, receipts etc it seem near to impossible to get out from these stuff it consumes lots of time, resources and off course your mind with which you would not be able to concentrate in innovations and creativeness.

Well, those days have gone with the blessings of technological inventions. Yes at this stage of advancements in technology a tool a software can help you to eliminate all these issues with efficiently. Having a right kind of Construction Management Software can make all difference. That only can eliminate these issues but also can help you in many ways. With a web-based Construction management Software, one can improve

  • Communication
  • Quality of Work
  • Productivity
  • Management

With this, you can reduce the time and cost that bear on managing the whole site manually. Benefits of a Construction management software is uncountable it improves productivity as you are aware of everything that happening around the whole site at your laptop or Mobile or other handy devices which allow you to access the software or Mobile application.

Not only management in the best communication tool for a construction site with which you can update the whole team in few seconds that reduce time and cost of communication tool.

Gameplan, Construction Management Software provide a cloud where you can store all information digitally and can be accessible with more handy devices like mobile, iPad, laptop etc.

The Gameplancloud is the best Cloud based construction management software which provided all facilities like scheduling, organizing, managing, communicating and tracking that you are looking for and much more things available that you didn’t even imagine.

So, why don’t you try it now with Gameplancloud 30days free trial services? Sign up now and get 30 days free trial for Gameplan, Construction management software.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Gameplan uses leading edge technology for construction project management

Gameplan, A construction Management software, is a construction management, cloud that made to simplify and organize the construction management activities. With the Gameplan software, we used the leading edge technology which enables information management, business process management, communication, organization and collaboration in the best way.

Advanced technology support lets you do work with more advanced approach as here with this Gameplan, web based construction management software a project team can conveniently generate punch list, daily report and also they can access drawing, resources and specification anytime and anywhere by using gameplan web and mobile applications.


With the cloud based advanced management system, you can aware with the entire process and can be tracked in real time its automated techniques notify you with any emergency that reduce the time and increase accountability. And also help you to cut the cost by putting your eyes on resources utilization and availability and that results in the improvement of productivity. In the brief we can say, “You can deliver a successful construction project within time and under budget my keeping Gameplan under your belt.” your career success belongs from here only.

Why we designed a Construction Management cloud?

Gameplan software is built to reduce the time for managing activities as it let the construction professionals spend more time on doing work by cutting down the time for managing the work. As we developed a gameplancloud with the group of construction experts who work really hard to improve the productivity of construction professionals by designing a user-friendly and affordable platform. Which let you have a Birdseye view of the field and a person who are the member of the team that work on the construction project.

What Work Gameplancloud can do for you?

The Gameplan, Construction management software help a project manager to manage, organize and share the information. And deliver a right task to a right person at the right time. IT simplify the activities by:
  • Sharing drawings, specifications, progress photos and other information with your team
  • Assign tasks and issues to team members
  • Setting up approval workflows for shop drawings and other submittals from contractors
  • Setting up RFI workflows
  • Managing changes
  • Accessing and marking up drawings using iPad apps
  • Running safety and QA/QC inspections and
  • Generating reports
Other than above mentioned points Gameplancloud enabled a number of tools and techniques that help you to successfully deliver the construction project on time and within budget.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Construction Management Software: A changing face of Construction Industry

In today's era construction industry not only remain just about to build a multiple step building, but with the advancement in the mindset of people it becomes more creative and innovative. It requires to have creative skills to build a client's dream project.

With the advancement in technology, now we have lots of options to efficiently work with, one of the great inventions of technology is web based construction management software.

We can say, “Construction Management software is the changing face of construction Industry” as the software make it more comfortable to manage and maintain a construction project with great potential.

Construction Management Software: A changing face of Construction Industry

To complete a construction project effectively, on time and minimize the risk and cost, Construction management software can help you a lot. It enables you to complete a complex project quicker and with less problems. It not only simplify the task of management, but also give extra benefits for builders, Architects etc.

A construction management software having lots of benefits, most importantly, it is a web based platform which works on world wide web because of that it can be operated on handy devices like mobile phone, iPad, Tablets, laptop, from anywhere you want to use.

One can command even staying thousands miles away from the construction site. Managing the project with convenience increase your creativity and efficiency. Construction management software has completely changed the way of working in the Construction industry.

In past days, a big construction project need years and hundreds of workers to get completed but now with the healthier technological support it reduces the time consumed as from a Signal platform, we can put our eyes on the whole construction Site and solve related problems immediately. We also have proper calculations and accounts of the Supplier and material which directly results in the form of cost reductions.

Get 30 days free trial of Gameplancloud, web based construction management software. And complete the your Construction project with the ease and on time by reducing the risk.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Web based Construction Management Software reduces Project Risk and Increase Quality

The Construction industry is one of the major symbols that represents the growth and prosperity of a country. The sky-height building, easy transport roads, even your own house is few contributions from the construction industries.

The beautiful construction results come out of the combined efforts of architects, Labors, engineers, workers, machines, etc. Those work together and their efficiencies to complete the project. To construct a building is not that easy what it seems months or years of hard work involved here.

In today’s age with the grace of technology to manage a construction project become so easy. As with the help of construction management software, we can easily organize all construction related activities. That directly result as the increase in productivity. When it comes to planning, scheduling, estimation, communicating, implementing, tracking, etc. it is near to impossible for a single person to look after all these activities at a single time.

But, with the web based construction management software, it becomes possible for a person to look after all the multi-activities at the same time from a single platform. The construction management software will reduce the risk that may involve in a construction project as you are well aware of each and every activity running there. Right from the material used to working efficiency of individuals who involved in the project completion.

Major risk involved in the Construction project in the form of time and cost. Which directly can reduce with the use of the construction software, as you know priorly, what time and cost should imply on a particular task. And timely completing a task will reduce the extra cost.
If you are well aware of all activities involved in the construction than the output will definitely result in the quality.

Gameplan, construction management software is one of the examples of hard as well as smart work as it designed by the profession under considering all construction principles to simplify the management of a construction project. The tasks involved in the gameplan software are Project Tracking, Job Costing, Estimating, Scheduling, Planning, Change-order Management, Payroll, Accounting, Proposals, Vendor and Supplier interfaces, and a host of similar Construction company's business operations etc. With the game plan software, we simply designed your imaginations.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Functionality of Construction Management Software

Construction companies of all sizes and shapes can get multiple advantages by enhancing their business productivity with properly developed, designed multi-tasking construction management software packages. As the construction management software can handle all the construction related tasks very efficiently, which directly reduce down the time, effort and cost involve in construction project by which you can put your spare time and efforts in other important facets of operating a construction company business.
The web-based construction management software will manage almost all construction related activities for your business like, team management, Job costing, project tracking, estimating, planning, scheduling, change orders management, proposals, vendor, supplier management, inventory management, manager and team interface, site charts, map management etc. The benefits of construction management software are uncountable. Every construction needs to have the software to work effectively.

With Cloud based construction management software, you can function your project from the mile away. Just imagine you are working on a construction project with a large square field and you can’t even see the whole field in single view then it will be a great challenge for you to manage all sides at a single moment. So, with construction management software you have the opportunity to manage the whole field, even from miles away as it work online it can be manageable with handy devices and you can easily look after all the activities and people related.

Now, the problem arises in selecting the best construction management software  amongst the number of options available, one should be sure that what they have selected is delivering similarly what was advertised or not. The software should be more user-friendly that your company’s employees will not need a constant training or assistance for operating the software.

That is more obvious that the shape and size of the construction companies matters a lot for what level of functionality they required, to operate the functions smoothly. In general, most of the construction companies work in a similar way. So, carefully recognize the functionality fulfillment of your business by the software before getting it.

Gameplan: A construction management software well furnishes all your construction project activities, as it designed under the consideration of each and every small to big requirements to manage a construction project online.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Web Based Construction Management Software

In the current scenario, the primary concern of the professionals in the construction and associated industries which take into consideration are time and cost issues. Which leads to finding the Construction project Management solutions with which they can work more efficiently and enable smooth communication and automation process to carry the task on time.

For that the Web Based Construction Management Software is created which allow you to save your time and cost because of that, it becomes the primary consideration for the construction project manager. Web based system brings numbers of benefits as a cloud hosted system the foremost benefit of this system revolves around the ability for online participation with suppliers, teams, worker and manager.
Benefits of Web Based Construction Management Software

1. Online collaboration: It enables you to collaborate and discuss the data with a worker in the real time, even from the different location all having the access of similar document. You can directly in contact with the whole team.

2. Data availability in many media formats: The up to date, relevant data and information in different media format like installation drawing, financial records can be input and distribute it to others who, it may concern. This enables you to save time as you need not to direct in contact with a team they can be updated whenever new information arises.

3. Update in real time: The data and information in any format like spreedsheets, timelines, construction drawings, project cost etc. can be shared in the real time. This ultimately results in the resolve issues quickly and more efficiently as whole team can access the data online via handheld or computer devices.

4. Distance Doesn’t matter: As it is a Web Based Construction Management Software which works online distance doesn’t matter at all you can access this software from anywhere and update update your team who are on different location.

5. Increase Accountability: You can date stamped and monitor all activities, this will provide the minute status of the job where it is assigned and who is responsible for a different side of the project.

6.This project software will also take into account the need to track supplies material received and suppliers. Which allow you to create a calendar to manage when the material should be delivered which implies the reduction of cost and time.

These are some benefits associates with the web based construction management software. Which definitely help you to improve your efficiency and effectiveness of working.